“You have Died of Dysentery: Meaningful Gaming in Education”

This talk centers around the motivating elements of video games, how those are implemented, and how we can harness them in our classrooms. Participants leave with data-driven tools and game-based strategies they can implement in their classrooms.

Presentations: PAX South 2016, ‘18, ‘19; PAX East 2016, ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 (accepted but could not present); PAX West 2016, ‘17, ‘18, ‘19; East Coast Games Conference 2016; University of Colorado Sept. 2016, March 2017, Denver Comic Con 2018.

Assessor’s Creed: integrating games in the classroom

Based on feedback from “Dysentery,” this talk focuses on literal inclusion of games in the classroom. This talk is for the teacher who loves games and who wants to bring games into their classes. Participants will leave knowing how to evaluate the worth of an entertainment and edutainment game, how to evaluate what a game is teaching players, and how to decide when and how a game should be integrated into class content.

Presentations: PAX East 2017 (under the name “Mario Teaches Nothing: Entertainment Games in Education); Denver Comic Con 2018; PAX West 2018; PAX South 2019 (accepted but could not present); PAX South 2020; PAX West 2019.

Slide Decks

Please contact me directly if you would like to have copies of my slide decks, research notes, or sources.